TOZ BLOCK MACHINE Model 915 travellers

.This device is fully standard and holds CE certificate from English UNIVERSAL SYSTEM with 15% higher efficiency than similar European machine
Automatic mode: controlling the height of the mass, moving forward after each working cycle, controlling the density of the material and counting the number of production.
Efficiency: 1000 wall block 40 × 20 × 20 per hour.
Working systems: Hydraulic and mechanical systems with advanced system and the ability to bypass the fifth wheel at the end of the line (turn 360 degrees)
Number of electric motor: 6 pieces, including a 4KW engine and a hydraulic engine with 900 rounds per minute and four vibrating motors. Each engine weighs 1.1 kW with 2800 laminates per minute.
Required electrical energy: 3 stages 25 amp.
Hydraulic system: 15 liter piston pump, 500 times the pressure of Tuz Iran. Hydraulic work pressure: up to 280 times.
Warranty: 6 months and 10 years after sale. (Supply of pieces)
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Industrial company Toz Iran is all kind of fixed and moving blocking machines produser and holder of the certificate ISO9001 and CE of England that offers all products with 6 month garranty and 10 years after sale servises.