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Installation Services

In this department, by sending a group of installation and commissioning specialists, including electrical, mechanical and hydraulic groups, we will do all the work related to this process in the shortest possible time.

Service before Delivery of the Device

Before handing over and delivering the device to the customer, based on the standards set by the factory, this company checks the device before delivering it to the customer and delivers it in a suitable condition.

After Sales Service During the Warranty Period

During the warranty period, all parts of the device, except consumable parts and items outside the warranty coverage, are subject to warranty, and the customer can benefit from free warranty services in the event of a defect by referring to the after-sales service unit.

After-sales service after the end of the warranty period

In this part, the service unit provides periodical services according to the customer’s request, fixes all technical faults and defects related to the device and replaces the worn parts with the required parts.

 Toz Industrial Company of Iran The first and only manufacturer of high pressure piston pump hydraulic pumps

 & Manufacturer of all kinds of fixed and mobile block machines

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Some of Products

Block Making Machine Model 915


It is a fully standard device with a CE certificate from UNIVERSAL SYSTEMS, England, with an efficiency 15% higher than similar European machines.

ماشین بلوک زنی توز ماشین مدل 915



Fixed and Moving Block Making Machine model 1015


It is a fully standard CE certified device from EUROTECH Germany with 15% higher efficiency than similar European machines. Automatic: controlling the size of block height and moving forward after each work course
Efficiency: 1000 blocks in the hollow wall 20x40x20 in one hour 

Types of Truck Back Lifts


Tuziran Industrial Company is the exclusive representative of Bekar Hydraulic Company of Turkey, a manufacturer of all kinds of tail lifts in Iran.

1577793769 mbb c 1000 l sprinter - Home

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ماشین بلوک زنی توز ماشین مدل 915
1516610637 dsc01024 - Home
1516610642 dsc01030 - Home
1516610940 dsc00036 - Home
ماشین بلوک زنی توز ماشین مدل 915
ماشین بلوک زنی توز ماشین مدل 915
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