Which block making machines produce high quality cement blocks?

3 - Which block making machines produce high quality cement blocks?

Which block making machines produce quality cement blocks?

A) Introduction
Cement blocks are parts that are usually used to build buildings, walls or roofs. These blocks are produced from Portland cement, heavy materials such as sand and light materials such as mineral and industrial pumice and water by casting method. The workshops that produce these blocks are called block makers. Among the types of cement blocks, 20x40x20 blocks are the most widely used blocks
b) Advantages of using cement blocks
The advantages of this block include light weight, thermal insulation, sound insulation, high compressive strength, compatibility with all types of mortars, ease of implementation, and variety of shapes.
c) Classification of cement blocks
Cement blocks are usually classified into heavy and light categories. These blocks are in different sizes and are used in walls and ceilings, building structures or walls of the area. Light blocks are mostly used in block beam roofs and internal walls, and the fine grains used in them are slightly different from heavy blocks and are lighter in terms of weight.
d) Choosing a block making machine to produce blocks with quality and economic efficiency
There are different types of blocking devices, among which the devices based on hydraulic and mechanical systems are the best type of these devices. The semi-automatic block making machines of Toz Industrial Company of Iran in fixed and mobile types are among the best machines available in Iran. These machines have the ability to produce one thousand cement blocks per hour, with high quality and strength, with dimensions of 20*40*20 and have a 15% higher production capacity than similar European models. These products have 2015 ISO 9001 and CE UK certificates and have the ability to produce various cement blocks with any type of light and heavy materials.

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