How to create an investment opportunity with a block machine?

1111 - How to create an investment opportunity with a block machine?

How to create an investment opportunity with a block machine?

A) Introduction

The construction industry is undoubtedly one of the most important sectors of the country’s economy, which accounts for an important share of the gross national product. Due to the high demand of the housing sector, the supply and production of residential buildings is considered as one of the most important areas of income generation. On the other hand, the housing sector’s need for durable, quality and cheap building materials is considered one of the priorities of the construction industry. Cement blocks in various types are one of the most important and widely used materials in the construction industry, and the production of these blocks An important field is generating income and creating employment. In this short article, we try to examine the different stages of setting up a block making workshop.

b) The infrastructure and fields for setting up the workshop

Considering that there is a great demand for this product in the country, you can find suitable customers for cement blocks in almost every region of Iran. kept again Regarding the infrastructure of a block making workshop, the following should be paid attention to.

1- The need for flat land to prepare the band of the block making workshop

2-Focusing on regional customers and identifying them considering that transporting blocks to other parts of the country is expensive.

3- Establishing appropriate relationships with related businesses, including sellers of building materials, sellers and repairers of block making machine tools, contractors and people active in the field of construction.

4- Identification of competing people and businesses for proper sales planning

c) Equipment and facilities needed to set up the workshop

1- A flat land with a minimum area of ​​5000 square meters for a mobile block making machine or a roofed shed with an area of ​​5000 square meters for a fixed machine

2- Block making machine

3- Mixer

4- Forklift

5- Concrete transfer conveyor

6- Standard formats

7- Electricity at the rate of 25 amperes

8- Manpower of at least 3 people in a small workshop

9- Raw materials such as cement powder, water, sand and chemical and mineral additives

d) The amount of initial cost for setting up a block making workshop

The initial capital for setting up a block making workshop depends on many factors, including the size and value of the land, the number of personnel, the type of equipment and side costs, which can be accurately evaluated by examining the above parameters.

e) Sales market of manufactured products

The construction industry is constantly progressing and developing, and if the investors in the field of building blocks production comply with the necessary standards, they will not only achieve proper and high profitability, but also attract reputable construction companies and large projects for long contracts. types of building blocks are very useful in large constructions and structures due to their resistance, speed in construction, and lack of energy loss, for this reason, large construction companies prefer to work with a manufacturer that can be used for every period of to have suitable standard products for their needs.

The profit and income of the block making workshop is different based on the types of concrete produced, the type of block making machine, the cost of manpower and other costs. For example, the production of cement blocks with the mobile machine of Iran’s Toz company, which has the ability to produce 1000 blocks of 20x40x20 per hour, or the fixed machine of the company with the production of 1200 blocks per hour, the net profit of the workshop is about 30%. Therefore, considering the above, the capital return period of the block making workshop is realized in less than 3 years

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